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A very Happy New Year to you all! To kick start 2017, we’re fortunate to have Blake Hamilton and Tina Bogg to present the first APN clinical seminar on the topic of “Fatigue Syndromes”. See our events page for more information and to register for this event, which will be held at CRUfAD in St Vincent’s Hospital on Fri 24th February,10am to 1pm.

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Fatigue Syndromes

Presenters: Dr Blake Hamilton (Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Researcher) & Tina Bogg (Accredited Exercise Physiologist)

About this seminar: Fatigue syndromes such as chronic fatigue syndrome are a relatively common illness in Australia affecting around 0.2 – 0.7% of the population. Sufferers become ill across the lifespan, SES continuum, and on a range of other demographic markers. However, more women than men are affected (approx. 3:1). Despite on-going research efforts Fatigue syndromes endure with an unknown aetiology and are often much maligned by the public and the medical community alike. Patients are affected by illness for a median time period of 3-5 years and fatigue syndromes are associated with significant disability and distress, as well as representing significant community and personal cost.

This seminar will outline the current research findings for fatigue syndromes. Common signs and symptoms of illness, along with methods for the assessment and diagnosis of common fatigue syndromes such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), post infective fatigue syndrome (PIFS), post cancer fatigue syndrome (PCF) are presented. Differences from atypical depression are also discussed. The evidence-based treatment approach developed in conjunction with UNSW and used at the Fatigue Centre by clinical psychologists and exercise physiologists will be outlined in detail. The current controversy around the use of cognitive-behavioural therapy and graded exercise therapy to treat fatigue syndromes will be explored.


Event Details

When: Friday 24th February, 2017
Time: 10am to 1pm
Where: CRUfAD Lecture Theatre,
St Vincent’s Hospital, Level 4, O’Brien Buiding,   cnr Victoria & Burton Sts, Darlinghurst
Cost: $55 ($33 for full-time students) plus $0.30 booking fee
Registration: http://www.trybooking.com/ONCD

Registration closes: Wednesday 22nd February.

Cancellation policy: 

Further Info:

No refunds, but attendee substitutions are allowed.

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