About the APN

The Anxiety Practitioners’ Network (APN) is a non-profit association and has as its aim the advancement of the treatment of anxiety disorders. Members of the APN are individuals who have an interest in assessing and treating anxiety in its various forms. The APN is multidisciplinary, and while a large number of those in the network are psychologists, membership is not limited to those in this field. We certainly count other health professionals amongst our numbers. The APN is based in Sydney and since its inception in 2001, it has been steadily growing in its numbers.


From a professional point of view, most of the clinicians associated with the APN would practice cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). However, it would be accurate to say that while there is an strong influence of CBT techniques, APN events are not necessarily limited to discussing purely traditional CBT. There is certainly scope for considering other frameworks and approaches, as long as they represent evidence-based practice. Each year, the APN organises several clinical focus seminars, and have also organised one day networking conferences. Speakers at the seminars and the conference are experts in their areas, with extensive clinical experience. Some also have strong research interests and University affiliations. The seminars and the conference are opportunities for members to acquire new skills, learn about recent research, discuss challenging cases, and meet other practitioners who are passionate about anxiety.

APN Membership

Membership to the network is aimed at professionals who work in the area of anxiety assessment and treatment, including health professionals, educators, and researchers. At present, most members work in or around NSW (as events are typically held in Sydney). The APN has recently hosted an event in Perth, and we are encouraging WA professionals to apply to become members. Attendees of APN events are strongly encouraged to join.

Membership to the APN is free

Membership benefits include: advance notice of events, access to the website and events resources, and opportunities to network with other practitioners.

Joining the APN

You can join the APN by completing the registration form.

Please include some information about who you are and what you do. To facilitate the membership process, you may choose to add some verifying details when creating an account (eg using a workplace email address). To protect the privacy of members and minimise the risk of unsolicited contact (eg spam) we may contact you to verify your details.

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